Bakersfield Salt in Soil


Have you been encountering problems with crop quality and quantity because of too much salt in soil on your Bakersfield, CA farm? EcoGEM® can help. We are a supplier of natural gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) catering to the domestic and international markets.

Our organic gypsum is helpful in resolving several issues that hamper agricultural productivity. You can use it to treat problems created by Bakersfield salt in soil and clay in soil.

So, do not fret if you have an excessive amount of Bakersfield salt in soil. Get the ideal solution by purchasing our gypsum and applying it regularly on your farm to reduce Bakersfield salt in soil.

You will soon be free from the headache of the following:

  • High salinity in soil
  • Sodic soil issues
  • Salinity in agriculture
  • High sodium in soil

Does your land have excessive Bakersfield salt in soil? Order gypsum soil amendment from EcoGEM®!

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Bakersfield Clay in Soil


Do you have too much Bakersfield clay in soil? Place an order for bulk gypsum supply with us. Its regular application will reduce the quantity and adverse effect of Bakersfield clay in soil.

Though clay adds several properties to the soil that help in the healthy growth of plants, the presence of excessive Bakersfield clay in soil creates serious problems. It causes soil compaction, hampers water absorption, slows down the drainage, and hinders air infiltration.

We know that Bakersfield clay in soil should be proportionate to the amount of other minerals in soil. Therefore, we offer a proven product for:

  • Clay soil amendment
  • Treatment for clay loam
  • Clay soil treatment
  • Soil amendments for clay soil

Contact EcoGEM® if you want an effective solution to offset the impact of Bakersfield clay in soil!

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Bakersfield Drought Issues in Soil


Our agricultural gypsum also addresses Bakersfield drought issues in soil. Besides using it to regulate clay or salt in soil, cultivators can apply our gypsum to reduce irrigation water usage and resolve Bakersfield drought issues in soil.

Municipal regulations or restrictions on the use of the limited water supply available make Bakersfield drought issues in soil a big headache for growers and landscapers. Thankfully, regular application of our gypsum can help counter the Bakersfield drought issues in soil.

It modifies soil structure and composition to fix:

  • Drought effects on soil
  • Soil moisture deficit
  • Soil moisture deficiency in irrigation
  • Drought soil issues

Is your farm productivity adversely affected by Bakersfield drought issues in soil? EcoGEM® can help!

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