Klamath Falls Soil Moisture Levels


EcoGEM® enhances soil moisture levels in Klamath Falls, OR. Focused on healing the soil, we have developed the most efficient solutions to improve soil moisture levels. When testing your Klamath Falls soil moisture levels, we examine the amount of needed minerals in the soil. When soil moisture levels are low it probably has high concentrations of salts, aluminum, or heavy metals. We improve your Klamath Falls soil moisture levels by increasing water penetration, which allows for the root area to receive nutrients and fertilizers.

Our expert agronomists will review your soil moisture levels analysis and recommend the proper application of soil enhancer.

Enhancing your Klamath Falls soil moisture levels delivers the following benefits:

  • Conserve irrigation water
  • Improve soil structure
  • Remediate sodic soil
  • Improve water infiltration

Learn more about EcoGEM® and its properties for balanced Klamath Falls soil moisture levels.

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Klamath Falls Water Scarcity


Klamath Falls water scarcity is a reality, as water consumption and pollution continue to grow globally. Issues with water scarcity impact agriculture, affecting the ability of farmers and growers to safely and effectively feed the population. We strive to be part of the solution to Klamath Falls water scarcity by improving the structure and porosity of the soil so that it can retain more water and reduce irrigation requirements.

As the population multiplies, Klamath Falls water scarcity becomes more of an issue for production. More pressure is being directed to farmers to increase production while water scarcity makes the cost of water higher and its availability lower.

Healthy soil allows for roots to grow deeper with more access to water, an advantage in times of Klamath Falls water scarcity. We take pride of the positive consequences derived from our efforts:

  • Soil health improvement
  • Water usage reduction
  • Carbon emissions capture
  • Enhanced nutrition

Contact EcoGEM® to overcome the challenges of Klamath Falls water scarcity.

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Klamath Falls Water Infiltration


We help reduce irrigation water requirements through better Klamath Falls water infiltration and improved hydraulic conductivity into the soil. Better water infiltration translates into decreased water usage. Increase water infiltration rates 3-5 times over non-treated soils. By raising Klamath Falls water infiltration rates, the efficacy of fertilizers is maximized while non-farmable areas and waterways are cleared from water runoff.

Besides, poor water drainage makes the soil more prone to compaction, hindering Klamath Falls water infiltration toward the roots.

Our treatment allows for water to properly permeate the soil, improving Klamath Falls water infiltration in these areas:

  • Organic agriculture
  • Regenerative farms
  • Stadiums and playgrounds
  • Golf courses

Support your soil’s Klamath Falls water infiltration with EcoGEM®.

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