San Francisco Soil Remediation


Soil, in its original state, is a mixture of organic material, minerals, micronutrients, living organisms, water and air on the surface of the earth. It is extremely conducive to the growth of different types of crops. Gradually, human activities have led to the contamination of the soil. Whether it happens accidentally or due to negligence, soil pollution has become a threat to food production.

At EcoGEM, we offer contaminated soil remediation solutions worldwide for reclaiming severely polluted land and preventing further loss of arable land. Are you worried about declining crop yield on your farm or a barren garden in your property? Do you need an effective product for contaminated soil remediation around San Francisco, CA? Call us to buy all-natural gypsum that helps in land remediation by:

  • Removing excessive toxins, salts, and pollutants from soil
  • Adding essential nutrients to the soil
  • Improving soil structure; and more

We assure you of a proven contaminated soil remediation measure that will resolve all problems arising out of damaged soil in your property.

San Francisco Land Remediation


It is a big mistake to take for granted the land and its wonderful produce that nature has provided for the sustenance of mankind. Indifference towards soil pollution as well as lack of timely land remediation in San Francisco and elsewhere, has several dangerous or undesirable consequences.

Regular, long-term soil and land remediation measures are critically important to avoid the following problems:

  • Global food shortage
  • Malnutrition and hunger
  • Health risks from eating plants grown in polluted soil
  • Increased farming expenses

We offer organic agricultural gypsum to meet the land remediation requirements of San Francisco area farmers and gardeners. Compared to other methods of contaminated soil treatment like soil vapor extraction, bioremediation and contaminated soil removal, our land remediation solution is more practical, convenient, economical and result-oriented.

San Francisco Contaminated Soil Remediation


Our company has been founded with the mission of stopping agricultural land loss that is happening at an alarming rate all over the world. Supplying top-grade agricultural gypsum for contaminated soil remediation in and around San Francisco is a small step towards achieving that objective.

We are passionate about:

  • Rejuvenating and restoring soil health
  • Optimizing crop yield
  • Making produce quality better
  • Serving mankind along with conserving the environment

The contaminated soil remediation products offered by us do not have synthetic components and are eco-safe.

Let EcoGEM take care of your soil and land remediation needs in the San Francisco area. Call (303) 500-6944.

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