West Valley City Soil Remediation


Soil contamination is a matter of concern, especially with the rate at which the world population is increasing. When the food growers are struggling with deteriorating soil health and demand for food on the rise, productivity must increase. To achieve this, there has been an increased dependency on synthetic fertilizers which too are slowly contaminating the soil structure and health.

We at EcoGEM are committed to delivering the best solutions for contaminated soil remediation to West Valley City, UT area landowners. The problems are not just in the agricultural sector but also includes sites like oil and gas, mines and landfills, refineries and smelters. However, with our engineered organic gypsum, we can address almost every contaminated soil problem including:

  • Poor soil aggregation
  • Lead stabilization
  • Aluminum toxicity
  • Poor soil structure

Contaminated soil remediation is a necessity that needs more attention than ever before. Get in touch with us to learn more about our durable solutions for land remediation for your West Valley City property.

West Valley City Land Remediation


When the land starts to become contaminated, everyone believes that contaminated soil removal is the solution that solves everything. While it works on smaller sites, it is hard to remove and replace the soil of an entire agricultural sector that is affected. Luckily, we understand this, which is why our agricultural gypsum is the right product that delivers excellent land remediation results.

Commonly, the soil gets contaminated because of various causes like:

  • Industrial waste
  • Excessive use of synthetic fertilizers
  • Seepage from landfill

Call us today for the best land remediation solution in the West Valley City area.

West Valley City Contaminated Soil Remediation


We provide a wide range of products that are organic and engineered keeping in mind the urgency to improve soil health. Let us worry about the land remediation in the West Valley City area and call us for your gypsum supply whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Using our unique, organic gypsum for contaminated soil remediation offers several benefits that in turns leads to:

  • Repair and improvement of damaged soil structures
  • Increased crop yields
  • Supply of essential nutrients to the soil

Our revolutionary gypsum mineral helps with contaminated soil remediation slowly but delivers more organic and durable results. Therefore, make the right choice when you want land remediation solutions that are not only organic but are tried and trusted as well.

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