Fresno Eco Farming


Are you planning to shift to eco farming in Fresno, CA but worried about poor soil health? If yes, then we at EcoGEM® are here to help. In order to have healthy food growth, the soil conditions need to be healthy and toxin free. However, excessive use of fertilizers has led to problems with soil which hinders eco farming in Fresno.

Fortunately, we have the right solutions for you. Our engineered, OMRI listed, organic gypsum is regarded as safe for agricultural use and holds all the answers to your eco farming worries in Fresno. We know that when it comes to soil health, the solution needs to be sustainable and highly rewarding. Contact us today if your eco farming lands in Fresno are having problems with these issues:

  • Soil compaction
  • Poor soil structure
  • Soil erosion
  • Soil pollution

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Fresno Organic Agriculture


In reaction to rapidly changing farming practices, organic agriculture in Fresno is the perfect alternative agricultural system. It is focused on enriching the soil with natural additives. We know this, which is why we provide you with our organic gypsum products so you do not have to rely on the synthetic and chemical fertilizers for organic agriculture in Fresno.

Our products are highly tried and tested for organic agriculture in Fresno and can produce tremendous results with proper implementation. What makes it even better is that our organic products are easy to use and affordable so you can use them on your farms to restore soil health. Contact us when you want solutions for organic agriculture in Fresno like these:

  • Gypsum soil conditioner
  • Soil remediation
  • Gypsum soil fertilizer
  • Soil amendment gypsum

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Fresno Regenerative Organic


If your goal is regenerative organic farming in Fresno, our goal is to help you and also bring the global arable land back to production. However, poor soil health can really slow down the progress of farming in a sustainable manner. Our high-grade gypsum acts as a micronutrient for soils that offers endless benefits for regenerative organic farms in Fresno.

Therefore, when you want revolutionary gypsum products for regenerative organic faming in Fresno, trust none other than us. We know the idea is to help create a farm system that works in perfect harmony with nature and improves the quality of life. Some key benefits of using our products for regenerative organic farming in Fresno include the following:

  • Increased soil permeability
  • Better soil aeration
  • Carbon storage
  • High crop yield

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