Chicago Soil Compaction


If you are an agriculturist and are facing the problem of soil compaction in or near Chicago, IL, then you must be looking for an efficient solution. Soil compaction results in the compression of the pores which essentially transport air and water, thereby impeding root growth.

Get in touch with EcoGEM® for the best quality product for soil compaction in Chicago. We are an established company and have been supplying vast quantities of high quality gypsum to Chicago property owners for years. Call us when you need soil amendment gypsum for dealing with the following soil compaction types in Chicago:

  • Surface compaction
  • Shallow compaction
  • Topsoil compaction
  • Sandy soil compaction

You can trust our soil amendment gypsum as it not only improves the soil structure in Chicago but offers other benefits like reducing water consumption, providing essential nutrients, and improving the crop yield.

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Chicago Soil Crusting


Are you facing the problem of soil crusting in Chicago? Has the top surface of your field crusted and formed a hard surface? If yes, then you will need soil amendment products that can help reduce the compactness and open up the pores.

Rely on us when you require soil amendment gypsum to address the problem of soil crusting in Chicago. Our high quality gypsum helps in increasing permeability and aeration which results in better root penetration and higher crop yield. You can use our gypsum for dealing with soil crusting in Chicago of the following types:

  • Chemical crusts
  • Physical crusts
  • Depositional crusts
  • Structural crusts

Using gypsum for soil crusting in Chicago helps break the soil and get it back to the healthy way it was prior to the crusting.

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Chicago Soil Structure


As an agriculturist, you are always looking for ways to improve the soil structure of your field in Chicago. You want the crop yield to be high and the quality of the crop to be good. This is possible by using good quality soil amendment products.

Count on us when you require the best quality gypsum to enhance the soil structure of your field in Chicago. Get in touch with us when you have the following types of soil structure in Chicago:

  • Dispersed structure of soil
  • Crumb structure of soil
  • Honeycomb structure of soil
  • Prismatic structure of soil

You can trust our high quality soil amendment gypsum available in different forms to do away with soil crusting and compaction and to improve soil health.

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