Meridian Gypsum


When you want the soil of your agricultural land to stay fertile and produce high yields, it is important that soil health is at its best. The health or quality of the soil is largely affected by the growing soil pollution due to industrial waste, chemical fertilizers, and even climate change. Therefore, when you want to repair the damaged soil on your property, EcoGEM® is here to help you.

We provide carefully engineered gypsum soil amendments for Meridian, ID property owners that will help with soil improvements. Do not risk using low-quality products available in the market as that leads to poor and unsatisfactory results. You can bet your money on our organic selenite products as they are:

  • OMRI listed
  • Safe for agricultural use
  • Known to provide a sustainable solution

We provide agricultural grade gypsum supply not just locally but nationally and internationally as well. Call us today if you are ready to transform deteriorated soil back to its full health using our gypsum soil amendments in the Meridian area.

Meridian Gypsum Soil


Poor soil health leads to a multitude of problems for the agricultural sector as the yields start to decrease while the costs start to rise. This is why we recommend our agricultural gypsum soil amendment solution as it helps with:

  • Soil conditioning
  • Enhancing soil and water quality
  • Providing essential crop nutrients
  • Promoting a self-sustaining cycle

Our natural, organic agricultural calcium sulfate amendments provide you with high return on investment. How? Because using our soil amendments makes soil require less irrigation water, improves crop yield. and removes the toxins and salts. Therefore, make the right choice of choosing our high-quality products when you want absolute value for your money.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our agricultural gypsum soil amendments in the Meridian area.

Meridian Gypsum Supply


When it comes to agricultural gypsum supply, we provide many different organic products for both small and bulk sales. If you are not sure which of our products you should invest in, our expert agronomists are here to help.

Our team will advise on which soil amendment gypsum supply for your Meridian area will best suit you on the basis of:

  • Soil structure
  • Type of crop
  • Location and temperature

You can count on our competent logistics team to take care of hassle-free agricultural gypsum supply no matter where you are.

In need of top-grade gypsum soil amendments in Meridian area? Call EcoGEM® at (303) 500-6944 for an estimate on bulk gypsum supply orders.