Grand Rapids Spring Planting


Are you looking for a natural, eco-safe method of soil recovery to prepare for spring planting in Grand Rapids, MI? Well, EcoGEM® has just the solution! As a leading supplier of organic gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) to domestic and global markets, we offer a proven product for promoting successful Grand Rapids spring planting.

Soil damage from winter salt and de-icing products is a big concern during Grand Rapids spring planting. Application of our gypsum soil amendment goes a long way in repairing this damage. It gets the land ready for Grand Rapids spring planting by improving these components of the soil:

  • Structure
  • Composition
  • Nutrient levels
  • Tilth
  • Fertility

Seasoned growers and landscapers are no strangers to the connection between soil health and gypsum use. They will vouch for the benefits of gypsum application for spring planting.

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Grand Rapids Soil Health and Gypsum


It is not hard to understand the direct relationship between improvement in Grand Rapids soil health and gypsum application. Naturally mined gypsum, as a source of pure calcium and sulfur, is an excellent soil enhancer.

Using it alongside a regular fertilizer program, growers are sure to observe a significant beneficial connection between Grand Rapids soil health and gypsum usage. The many favorable transformations connecting Grand Rapids soil health and gypsum application include:

  • Soil enrichment
  • Soil fertility improvement
  • Sub-soil regeneration
  • Topsoil reconditioning

Are you interested in using the close association of Grand Rapids soil health and gypsum use for a more flourishing garden or productive farm? We can help.

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Grand Rapids Soil Moisture Level Improvements


Regular application of our gypsum products brings about Grand Rapids soil moisture level improvements. Whether used in a lawn, garden, vegetable farm, or fruit orchard, gypsum results in considerable Grand Rapids soil moisture level improvements.

Every grower or gardener appreciates an effective solution for maximizing soil hydration with minimal water consumption. By affecting Grand Rapids soil moisture level improvements, our gypsum proves to be exactly that.

Talk to our experts to learn about the several ways in which our product makes Grand Rapids soil moisture level improvements in your yard or farm. Order bulk gypsum supply for your property to have the following:

  • Better soil moisture management
  • Soil irrigation improvement
  • Improved soil permeability
  • Increased water retention in soil

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