Tifton Gypsum and Water


EcoGEM® is a leading company that provides gypsum and water usage solutions for your Tifton, GA farm. The right mixture of Tifton gypsum and water used for irrigation will enhance water infiltration into the soil that will minimize excess water, nitrogen, or phosphorous run-off which is essential for an optimum crop yield.

Combining Tifton gypsum and water will bring down your irrigation expenses by a big margin. As a customer-centric and eco-friendly company, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional ecological solutions for regenerative agriculture. Our Tifton gypsum and water will also prevent algae blooms and bring our lakes, streams, and rivers back to life.

Effective utilization of gypsum and water can address several concerns including these:

  • Salt accumulation in soil
  • Soil toxicity
  • Plant stress
  • Water run-off

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Tifton Water Use Reduction


Agriculture currently uses roughly 70% of all freshwater withdrawals in the world which makes Tifton water use reduction a top priority for farmers and environmentalists across the globe. We supply high quality Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate that will facilitate Tifton water use reduction by up to 30% and also provide you with a better crop output.

Our product promotes Tifton water use reduction by improving the soil structure and porosity of soil so that it will retain more water. We believe in providing the best regenerative agriculture solutions that make a difference and assisting you for Tifton water use reduction is a pivotal part of our mission.

Our product range comprises of various commodities for water use reduction such as:

  • Gypsum soil conditioner
  • Agricultural gypsum
  • Mined, organic gypsum
  • Natural soil amendment

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Tifton Drought Water Uses


If you have been looking for maximizing Tifton drought water uses for your farm, then our products and reliable advice can surely help you out. Our soil enhancer contains Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate which is the best mineral in the world to effectively optimize Tifton drought water uses.

As soil health and water usage concerns are on the rise, Tifton drought water uses have become a major point of discussion within the industry. Our agriculture experts will assist you in understanding the challenges related to Tifton drought water uses which are essential to tackle while adopting regenerative agriculture.

Fruitful implementation of methods for enhancing drought water uses will lead to various advantages such as these:

  • Better water efficiency
  • Enhanced soil structure
  • Enhanced soil porosity
  • Replenish lost calcium

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