Vacaville Gypsum for Sale


At EcoGEM®, we have gypsum for sale for Vacaville, CA farmers and crop growers. Our Vacaville gypsum for sale is rich in calcium and sulphur, the two key nutrients soil needs. Our gypsum benefits soil structure and water infiltration and protects against erosion and salinization.

Our Vacaville gypsum for sale is certified for organic use by OMRI and can rejuvenate and revitalize degraded soils.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our Vacaville gypsum for sale can make an impact on your soil quality. Our team can answer any questions or concerns like:

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Vacaville Agricultural Gypsum


Vacaville agricultural gypsum, also known as Calcium sulfate dihydrate, is a soil conditioner. Agricultural gypsum is pH neutral, making it perfect for regulating soil. Unlike lime, gypsum is a moderately soluble mineral that allows calcium to penetrate deep into the roots of the plants.

Vacaville agricultural gypsum also has applications in the remediation of soil that has suffered degradation due to compaction. We have all-natural Vacaville agricultural gypsum, which is suitable for use in other organic and conventional farming practices.

We are the leader in organic, engineered agricultural Calcium Sulfate amendments and products, including:

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Do you have any questions about using Vacaville agricultural gypsum? Do you need to know how much gypsum to use on sodic soils? Feel free to ask our agronomists. We have expert agronomists on staff waiting to help you.

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Vacaville Gypsum


Vacaville gypsum soil amendments are added to the soil to enhance the structure and other properties that play an essential role in plant growth. Our Vacaville gypsum soil amendments can amend clay or compacted soils.

We are proud to help farmers and crop growers improve soil fertility to achieve greater crop yields by offering top-of-the-line Vacaville gypsum soil amendments on the market. With a focus on the highest quality products and world-class customer support, we have become the number one choice for gypsum soil amendments.

If you want any additional information on the impact of Vacaville gypsum on soil health, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have:

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