NRCS Farming

NRCS Approved Best Practice

Farmers today are expected to feed an exponentially growing number of people across the world. They are expected to do so with fewer resources and more scrutiny as concerns over climate change and the environment drive change across the entire value chain, from the farm to the fork. The move towards regenerative agriculture is real, and in many cases, adds an additional layer of uncertainty and cost to an already complex operation on the farm.

EcoGEM Soil Enhancer not only provides direct returns back to the farm in terms of increased soil health, better water management, and carbon capture/greenhouse gas mitigation – but can also qualify to put dollars back in the pockets of American farmers as a reimbursable Conservation Standard Practice (CSP) from the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).

As part of the Farm Bill, the NRCS provides financial and technical services to American farmers through an established list of best management practices or Conservation Practice Standards (CPS). EcoGEM Soil enhancer is proud to be recognized under the Amending Soil Properties with Gypsum Products (Ac is 333) Conservation Practice Standard and is directly REIMBURSABLE in many states. In addition, EcoGEM Soil Enhancer is also a best practice in CPS Salinic and Salty Soil Management (Ac is CPS-610-1), although no reimbursement money is currently being offered in this practice.

For more information on your individual state reimbursement, contact your local NRCS here.


NRCS Farming


The National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) works with farmers across the country to help them in boosting the productivity of their agriculture and protecting our natural resources through conservation. We, at EcoGEM, are passionate when it comes to the subject of NRCS farming. We know that when it comes to amending soil and NRCS farming, all farmers are concerned about these important matters.

With NRCS farming products, we can remediate sonic and salinic soils, minimizing crusting and compaction and eliminating aluminum toxicity. When the porocity in soil is improved and water infiltration is enhanced, we know our NRCS farming products have done their job.

With our NRCS farming products, you will see noticeable benefits. These NRCS farming products, like our Soil Enhancer, are exactly what you need when you are searching for:

  • Amending soil products
  • Gypsum products
  • Calcium sulfate dihydrate
  • Soil enhancing products

Get in touch with the NRCS farming experts at EcoGEM today for your questions and needs regarding NRCS farming.

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Amending Soil


When it comes to NRCS farming, farmers work to increase soil health with amending soil products. Amending soil is when you improve the health of soil with additional materials. Amending soil improves the structure of soil as gypsum products provide calcium that is needed to flocculate clay in soil that is alkaline and acidic. When these soil particles are bound together with the process of amending soil, it gives the soil structure for root growth and water and air movement.

Amending soil improves the texture, structure, fertility and porosity of soil. As the soil retains moistures and the pH balance is correct, it yields a better crop and helps the soil to drain more efficiently.

With amending soil, there are so many benefits including:

  • Amending soil helps plants absorb nutrients
  • Amending soil decreases heavy metal toxicity
  • Amending soil improves fruit quality
  • Amending soil improves compacted soil

If you have questions regarding amending soil, call EcoGEM today.

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Gypsum Products


Gypsum products are important when it comes to the sustainability of most soils that are irrigated. Gypsum products have been used in amending soil for centuries. The most common form of gypsum products is that of calcium sulfate dihydrate. Our gypsum products are of the highest quality and can make a dramatic difference when added to your soil.

From improving soil structure, preventing crusting of soil, reclaiming sonic soils and more, our gypsum products can do so many things when it comes to amending soils. Some other noticeable key benefits include:

  • Gypsum products improve efficiency of water
  • Gypsum products decrease dust erosion
  • Plant nutrients absorbed better with gypsum products
  • Gypsum products are a source of sulfur

For high quality gypsum products, call EcoGEM to learn more about amending soil options.

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