Nampa Gypsum


With continued degradation and contamination of soil, crop yields are coming down and creating food shortages all over the world. That is why soil amendment/remediation has become the need of the hour. This is what EcoGEM® is striving to achieve by providing agricultural gypsum soil amendments in Nampa, ID and other parts of the country. We also offer gypsum supply internationally.

Our gypsum soil amendment is an organic, engineered product. This OMRI-listed Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate comes in spreadable and soluble form. Its addition to land on a regular basis results in considerable improvement in soil:

  • Tilth
  • Health
  • Fertility

We are in this business with a serious mission of restoring productivity of arable land globally. That is why we are very particular about ensuring high-grade gypsum supply in Nampa and beyond.

Nampa Gypsum Soil


There are many products on the market that claim to be effective soil amendments in arable land. However, not all of these are actually beneficial. Make sure that the product you invest in is pure and truly does what is supposed to do by purchasing our agricultural grade gypsum soil amendment.

You are sure to observe a marked improvement in the soil within a short time of its application and the benefits go on increasing with continued use. The application of our gypsum soil amendment in Nampa and elsewhere is especially useful for properties with sodic soils that are characterized by:

  • Poor structure
  • Crusting
  • Bad drainage

Addition of our agricultural gypsum soil amendment replaces the excessive sodium with calcium and also increases other nutrients to make the land conducive for more and healthier crop growth.

Nampa Gypsum Supply


We want our superior-quality, organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate to reach the maximum number of people who are in need of it. Our objective is to be one of the largest and most accessible agricultural gypsum suppliers.

That is why we have invested heavily in top-class logistics capabilities for gypsum supply through Nampa and beyond the community. We cater to all types of customers, including:

  • Agriculturists or farmers
  • Property owners/managers
  • Gardeners and landscaping contractors

Our clients can count on us for bulk gypsum supply at the best price and also trust us to fulfill their order in the shortest possible time. Get in touch with us now to join the list of all those who are enjoying the amazing results from our soil amendment and remediation products.

To know about gypsum supply in the Nampa area, call EcoGEM® at (303) 500-6944.