Las Vegas Gypsum as Fertilizer


Get in touch with EcoGEM® if you want to use gypsum as fertilizer in your Las Vegas, NV property. There is a growing demand for fertilizer alternatives that do not destroy the soil and reduce land fertility in the long run. Crop growers, landscapers and gardeners have started preferring natural gypsum and fertilizers instead of providing chemical-based nourishment to the soil.

We are happy to cater to everyone who wants Las Vegas gypsum as fertilizer. Our company supplies organic calcium sulfate dihydrate to domestic and international markets. Contact none but us if you are interested in using Las Vegas gypsum as fertilizer.

The many amazing benefits of substituting Las Vegas gypsum as fertilizer include:

  • Soil structure improvement
  • Top soil preservation
  • Sub-soil regeneration
  • Soil reconditioning

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Las Vegas Gypsum Offsets Fertilizers


As an aware and socially responsible property owner, you will agree that people should switch to safer Las Vegas fertilizer alternatives. The more prevalent chemical fertilizers have several alarming side effects, including land degradation, soil contamination, waterway pollution and more.

Adopting Las Vegas fertilizer alternatives like gypsum can go a long way in protecting the arable land and preserving the environment. We take pride in offering one of the finest Las Vegas fertilizer alternatives for growers and gardeners to use.

Numerous property owners have benefitted by using our gypsum as fertilizer. Contact us if you too want to do the same by adopting Las Vegas fertilizer alternatives. Talk to our experts to learn more about our:

  • Organic gypsum for farming
  • Agriculture grade gypsum
  • Gypsum soil amendment
  • Natural gypsum for soil

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Las Vegas Gypsum and Fertilizers


You must order natural Las Vegas gypsum and fertilizers from a carefully chosen, reputable and trustworthy supplier. Quite a few brands of Las Vegas gypsum and fertilizers on the market are not the high-quality, organic products that you need and deserve.

We pride ourselves as an ethical business that understands how critical it is to use chemical-free, pure and safe Las Vegas gypsum and fertilizers. We do our best to encourage regenerative or sustainable agriculture and popularize the use of Las Vegas gypsum and fertilizers.

Make regular applications of our OMRI-listed gypsum that result in:

  • Improved soil health
  • Better plant growth
  • Increased crop yield
  • Reduced soil degradation

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