Salinas Salt in Soil


Does your farmland have too much salt in soil in the Salinas, CA area? Reach out to EcoGEM® as soon as possible. Our company offers natural gypsum to farmers local and overseas to help them remove salt in soil on their land.

Our gypsum has multiple benefits for soil health, and removing the excess Salinas salt in soil is one of them!

Why go to any other gypsum seller when we are here to provide you with a tried, tested and proven product to eliminate the Salinas salt in soil? Purchase our top-quality gypsum without hesitation to remove the Salinas salt in soil on your farm.

Let us help you if you have:

  • High sodium in soil
  • High salinity in soil
  • Salinity in agriculture
  • Sodic soil issues

Call EcoGEM® to deal with Salinas salt in soil!

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Salinas Clay in Soil


Our mined gypsum is the perfect solution to the problems created by Salinas clay in soil. By purchasing gypsum from us to remove the clay in soil on your land, you are investing your money in the correct place.

Discuss the issues you face due to Salinas clay in soil with our staff today!

Regularly using our natural gypsum will eventually reduce the Salinas clay in soil and boost your crop yield and quality. Let us help you eliminate the Salinas clay in soil on your farm and get the peace of mind of being served by one of the most popular gypsum sellers.

Contact us if you need:

  • Soil amendments for clay soil
  • Clay soil amendment
  • Clay soil treatment
  • Treatment for clay loam

Call EcoGEM® if you have excess Salinas clay in soil!

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Salinas Drought Issues in Soil


Salinas drought issues in soil can be easily tackled with the application of naturally mined gypsum. You need a trusted and reputable gypsum supplier to ensure a successful fight against drought issues in soil.

Our company is the leading source of gypsum used to get rid of Salinas drought issues in soil. Talk to our experts for more information on how our calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) resolves the Salinas drought issues in soil! Place an order for our organic gypsum if you want to end the Salinas drought issues in soil at the earliest.

Enhance your farm productivity by eliminating:

  • Drought soil issues
  • Drought effects on soil
  • Soil moisture deficiency in irrigation
  • Soil moisture deficit

Call EcoGEM® to fight Salinas drought issues in soil!

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