Tremonton Soil Remediation


Are you looking for an effective and affordable solution for contaminated soil remediation in your Tremonton, UT area property? If so, then stop the search right here. EcoGEM is a leading producer of organic, engineered agricultural gypsum soil amendments. We supply land remediation products to different parts of the country and also to international markets.

Soil pollution has become a big global challenge. The indifference of some growers, as well as inadequate contaminated soil remediation measures, have resulted in:

  • Loss of fertile arable land
  • Land tenure issues
  • Food insecurity
  • Risks to human and animal health

With soil contamination reducing total crop yield drastically, providing sufficient food to the rapidly growing population has become impossible. Our objective for providing contaminated soil remediation solutions in Tremonton and elsewhere in the world is to eliminate malnutrition and hunger that one-third of the global population is encountering today.

Tremonton Land Remediation


Amazing technological developments have brought incredible changes in every sphere of human life. While many of these have been beneficial and have uplifted the general standard of living, some have also created great trouble for mankind.

Pollution and deterioration of soil are one of the biggest problems brought on by modernization. The common causes of soil contamination include:

  • Industrial waste dumping
  • Overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Deforestation and urbanization
  • Improper garbage disposal

We are committed to helping with land remediation in Tremonton and beyond in an environment-friendly way. Our contaminated soil treatment method is different from other techniques like soil vapor extraction, contaminated soil removal and bioremediation primarily in its ease in application over a land tract of any size. Besides big and small farmers, even gardeners can use our land remediation product.

Tremonton Contaminated Soil Remediation


Are you wondering how our contaminated soil remediation solution works? Well, the purpose of our land remediation gypsum is to modify the physical and chemical properties of soil to:

  • Improve its structure
  • Reduce its toxicity, acidity, and salinity
  • Boost its water infiltration and drainage
  • Increase its nutrients and fertility

Regular application of our easily spreadable gypsum for contaminated soil remediation in your Tremonton property is sure to produce in some time considerable improvement in crop yield and quality.

We work with expert soil agronomists to provide our customers with an all-natural land remediation solution that actually works. Call us now to discuss your contaminated soil remediation requirements.

Call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 to know more about land remediation products for your Tremonton area property.