Klamath Falls Water Infiltration Improvements


Need help with water infiltration improvement in Klamath, OR? Get in touch with EcoGEM® for Klamath water Infiltration Improvements. Our organic soil enhancer supports Klamath water infiltration improvements by creating micro-channels into the soil, allowing water to penetrate deeper into the root zone and conserve soil water. Our organically sourced and derived products not only promote Klamath water infiltration improvements, but can reduce your water usage by up to 30%.

Get in touch with our experts or call us to know more about how our products can help with Klamath water infiltration improvements.

There are multiple benefits is using our product which includes:

  • Compacts soil
  • Prevent water run-off
  • Decreases pH of sodic soil
  • Corrects subsoil acidity

For Klamath water infiltration improvements, call EcoGEM® today!

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Klamath Falls Irrigation and Salt


Not sure about the relation between Klamath irrigation and saltwater? Let us explain. The Klamath irrigation and saltwater react, increasing salt levels. Which then requires applying more irrigation water to drain away excessive salts past the plant root zone. On the other hand, some irrigation and salts contain virtually no salts and do not penetrate well when applied.

Our dissolved organic gypsum product is beneficial for Klamath irrigation and salt balancing to increase the solute concentration of water. Irrigation water with low leachable salts either penetrates poorly into the soil or causes soil particles to degrade, clogging up soil pores. If you still need more info about how Klamath irrigation and saltwater are related, get in touch with us to know in detail. Apply our gypsum today to see the difference!

Additional benefits from using our soil enhancer products include:

  • Deeper roots
  • Improve soils
  • Promote better crop growth
  • Conserve irrigation water

For improved Klamath irrigation and salt concentration, call EcoGEM®!

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Klamath Falls Too Much Rain


Excess rain can be harmful to your crops or plants. With Klamath too much rain, nutrients in the soil can run off and not make it to the plant’s roots. This causes poor plant growth and costs overall health, and that is not it.

This also leads to overwatering, which breeds bacteria, fungus and mold growth. This degrades the soil quality and destroys the crop. You cannot do much about Klamath too much rain but finding an effective solution is in your hands. Applying our organic EcoGEM® Soil enhancer can help you tackle the issue of Klamath too much rain and fend off its ill effects.

Our soil enhancer for Klamath too much rain is effective in:

  • Crust reduction
  • Improve run-off
  • Erosion control
  • Workable soils
  • Excess water infiltration

When Klamath too much rain is causing irrigation issues, call EcoGEM®!

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