Fresno Lawn and Garden


No home or business owner wants to have dead grass or poor soil health in their lawn and garden in the Fresno, CA area. Having lush green lawns does not only improve the property value but also enhances your outdoor experience. If you are interested in keeping your lawn and garden in Fresno green and healthy, we at EcoGEM® are here to help.

We have engineered top-grade organic gypsum that offers excellent benefits for lawn and garden maintenance in Fresno. Wondering how our OMRI listed gypsum products can help keep your landscape and gardens healthier? Some of the many benefits of using our organic gypsum on your lawn and garden in Fresno include:

  • Improved grass growth
  • Reduced water runoff
  • Soil salt replacement
  • Soil erosion prevention

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Fresno Garden Maintenance


For excellent garden maintenance on your Fresno property, good soil health is very important. Excessive reliance on chemical fertilizers only leads to more contamination and deteriorates the soil health. When you want your garden soil to be fertile, add gypsum treatment for garden maintenance in Fresno.

However, it is also important that you should not settle for synthetic gypsum products available in the Fresno market for garden maintenance. All you have to do is contact us when you want the best products that offer top-grade results.

Many problems that our organic gypsum treatment can help tackle for garden maintenance in Fresno include the following:

  • Soil compaction
  • Yellow patches on lawn
  • Dead grass
  • Rising water bill

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Fresno Lawn Care


The best lawn care in Fresno for an established lawn is when gypsum is integrated after lawn aeration. It allows the fertilizer to seamlessly come in direct contact with the soil and plants which quickens the process of healing and providing necessary nutrients to the soil. Our carefully engineered organic gypsum offers the perfect solutions for lawn care in Fresno.

Whether you want your lawns for decorative value or functional value, proper maintenance and care is always important. And your lawn care in Fresno is incomplete if you overlook the need for soil improvement as well. When you want the most effective solutions, our expert agronomists are here to help you as well.

Come to us today for agricultural-grade gypsum which assists in lawn care in Fresno and is good for the following:

  • Plant enrichment
  • Soil enhancer
  • Reducing toxins
  • Soil amendment

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