Chandler Sustainable Agriculture


With our society finally starting to focus on growing food in a responsible manner, sustainable agriculture in Chandler, AZ is growing in popularity. It is time people, particularly farmers, all over the world appreciated the need to feed mankind without degrading the land or destroying the ecosystem in the process.

Methods of sustainable agriculture in Chandler include improving soil composition and health. This is where EcoGEM® comes in. We are a worldwide supplier of food and agricultural Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate. Our organic gypsum is highly effective in restoring soil structure and fertility to help with sustainable agriculture in Chandler.

We are on a mission to bring back lost arable land to production by promoting sustainable agriculture in Chandler and beyond. Contact us if you are interested in:

  • Biointensive agriculture
  • Self sufficient farms
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Sustainable urban farming

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Chandler Sustainable Farming


The challenges in meeting the ever-increasing demand for food, water, and energy can be overcome only by shifting to sustainable farming in Chandler and elsewhere. And proper soil management is one of the essential components of sustainable farming that Chandler agriculturists simply have to take care of if they want to stop the destructive industrial farming practices.

We are happy to help them with this. Regular application of our top-quality gypsum is a big help with sustainable farming in Chandler, providing remarkable benefits to soil fertility, plant growth, crop quality, and crop yield.

Healthy soil is a critical requirement as well as a key objective of sustainable farming in Chandler, and our gypsum is effective for soil treatment in every way, as a:

  • Fertilizer
  • Amendment
  • Conditioner
  • Enricher
  • Enhancer

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Chandler Self Sufficient Farms


Self sufficient farms in Chandler are a major focus in the food revolution that has been developing in the region in recent years. The realization about interdependence of various elements of ecosystems and heavy dependence of mankind on a healthy environment for sustenance has encouraged development of self sufficient farms in Chandler.

We take pride in doing our bit towards this movement by supplying gypsum soil amendments for use in self sufficient farms in Chandler. Our competitive rates for bulk gypsum supply further encourage self sufficient farms in Chandler. Contact us if you too want to practice:

  • Eco friendly agriculture
  • Permaculture farming
  • Low input agriculture
  • Organic farming

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