Bentonville Soil Compaction


EcoGEM® provides you with gypsum and other essential products to reduce soil compaction in the Bentonville, AR area. Place a call to us if you are looking for assistance to loosen soil compaction in Bentonville.

We can help you select the right types of products to get rid of soil compaction Bentonville. Soil compaction is a sign of serious soil degradation leading to decreased crop production. We provide you Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate which can aid in reducing soil compaction in Bentonville and nearby areas. Soil compaction leads to less nutrient absorption by plant roots and decreases the quality of yields. Using our gypsum can help. It is completely organic certified, safe for pets/children, and improves crops. Contact us for these products:

  • Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate
  • Organic gypsum
  • Gypsum for soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Crop nutrients

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Bentonville Soil Crusting


Soil crusting near Bentonville can result in increased runoff and erosion. If you are worried about soil crusting, then you have landed in the right place. Our gypsum can help you take care of soil crusting near Bentonville. Consult our team of agronomists to find solutions for soil crusting near Bentonville.

Heavy downpour of rain is one cause of soil crusting near Bentonville, especially those with high magnesium or sodium content. Our quality Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate can prevent the runoff of essential nutrients from the soil. Use our gypsum for more nutritious, healthy plants, and rejuvenated soil. Get in touch with us for these products:

  • Improving clay soil with gypsum
  • Natural gypsum
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Gypsum

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Bentonville Soil Structure


Use our Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum) to improve soil structure in Bentonville. When the gypsum is added to the soil, it helps in amending the soil structure, increasing nutrient absorption and water infiltration.

As a leader in organic, engineered agricultural and gypsum amendments and products, we can offer you the one best solutions to amend soil structure Bentonville. Our organic gypsum amends soil structure near Bentonville providing tremendous benefits to plant, soil, and food. The highest purity gypsum can help in increasing yields, ROI, and soil health. If you are looking for expert solutions to amend soil structure in the Bentonville area, then reach out to us now for these solutions:

  • Plant fertilizer
  • Powdered gypsum
  • Soil amendment
  • Soil remediation
  • Organic fertilizer

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