Utah Soil Remediation


An increase in the world population and a decrease in soil quality do not make a sustainable combination. Many farmers face challenges every day such as an increase in the costs of fertilizer and water while struggling with damaged soil. Contaminated soil remediation has become a serious issue.

At EcoGEM, we are committed to providing contaminated soil remediation to Utah area food producers. We do not believe in a band-aid application - our solutions are long-term. If you are a food producer who is struggling with any of the following, get in touch with us:

  • Bad soil quality
  • Poor soil structure
  • Declining crop yields

We have soil amendments to help you repair damaged soil, improve soil quality, and increase yields. For more information on how you can combat a decrease in soil quality, please get in touch with us.

Utah Land Remediation


Are you dealing with saline or sodic soil conditions? We can help you with land remediation in Utah. Various factors can cause saline or sodic soil conditions, including:

  • Effluent applications
  • Low-quality irrigation water
  • Damage from ice-melt products

We are passionate about providing food producers with the tools and expertise needed for land remediation. Long-term solutions to land remediation are our number one goal.

We have some of the most experienced agronomists available to help you choose the best land remediation product for your specific needs. We ship our land remediation products all around Utah. Browse our product page for a complete list or visit our quote page to get an estimate.

Utah Contaminated Soil Remediation


Degraded soils are no longer productive. But, fortunately, these soils can be remediated. With the right time, effort and resources, contaminants in the soil can be reduced, making it suitable for reuse.

Contaminated soil remediation can be described as the use of various strategies to remediate and revitalize contaminated soil. Gypsum is a major contaminated soil remediation amendment used for impacted soil. If you are interested in buying gypsum in bulk for contaminated soil remediation in Utah or nearby states, you have come to the right place. Our soil amendments are:

  • Organic
  • Safe
  • Natural

For high-quality gypsum at some of the most reasonable rates, get in touch with us. Our gypsum can help disperse the soil for improving aeration, water infiltration and drainage, which is the primary step in remediation.

Call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 to learn more about our land remediation products for Utah area food producers. We look forward to working with you!