Colorado Springs Mined Gypsum


Contact none other than EcoGEM® once you have decided to apply mined gypsum on your Colorado Springs, CO farm. The use of Colorado Springs mined gypsum on farmlands has multiple advantages, such as improving the air infiltration property of the soil and decreasing water usage.

Colorado Springs mined gypsum is generally known for boosting the overall fertility of the land on which it is regularly applied. You will be able to grow a higher quantity of improved crops if you purchase and use our Colorado Springs mined gypsum.

We will be waiting for you to place an order for our:

  • OMRI-listed gypsum
  • Gypsum mineral
  • Pure gypsum
  • Agricultural gypsum

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Colorado Springs Natural Gypsum


Our client-oriented company is focused on providing top-grade Colorado Springs natural gypsum to its customers. We genuinely want to see our farmer friends enjoy higher productivity with the help of our natural gypsum.

Rest assured that the application of our Colorado Springs natural gypsum on your farmland will turn out to be an effective way of fighting your soil-related issues.

Our Colorado Springs natural gypsum is a product of the efforts of our seasoned agronomists. They have put a lot of hard work and years of experience into designing our Colorado Springs natural gypsum as it is.

Be assured that you will make the right decision for yourself and your farmland by investing your money in buying our mined gypsum.

Our gypsum is the best additive you could get for enhancing your:

  • Soil fertility
  • Soil structure
  • Soil health
  • Soil composition

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Colorado Springs High Quality Gypsum


Currently, most of the issues plaguing farming can be fixed by using our Colorado Springs high quality gypsum. Farmers who have used our high quality gypsum in the past are pleased with the results! They have been able to alleviate salinity and reduce toxicity in their soil through the use of our Colorado Springs high quality gypsum.

Our Colorado Springs high quality gypsum also regulates the proportion of nutrients in the soil. There is no need for you to look for other solutions for improving soil structure when our Colorado Springs high quality gypsum can be quickly shipped to your farm!

Without wasting any more of your precious time, get in touch with us for purchasing:

  • Gypsum powder
  • Soil enhancer
  • Organic gypsum
  • Gypsum soil amendment

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