Aurora Soil Compaction


Soil compaction in Aurora, CO fields is indeed a major problem for crop growers. Reducing the available pore space for water and air, soil compaction Aurora can damage crops to a major extent, but you can come to EcoGEM® for a solution. We supply high-quality Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, or gypsum, that is known to increase water filtration in soil and heals the damage caused due to soil compaction Aurora.

Whether your farm is hurt with soil crusting or compaction, contact us today for our soil conditioning gypsum that keeps your crops healthy. Our team of expert soil agronomists has researched gypsum to give maximized benefits to crop growers. If you are looking for a solution to prevent soil compaction Aurora, contact us today for the following:

  • Soil restoration
  • Food enrichment
  • Plant growth
  • Agricultural gypsum

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Aurora Soil Crusting


For farmers, soil crusting Aurora is undoubtedly an alarming problem. Soil remediation is a vital component for farmers to prevent soil crusting Aurora. It could be challenging to plow the fields if your Aurora farm is damaged with soil crusting. After you have figured out the root cause of the problem, use top-grade gypsum to prevent any kind of damage to your farm and to improve the soil structure for increased crop yields.

Soil crusting Aurora can be caused due to excessive water irrigation, but you can prevent it with our engineered gypsum. Reach out to us for these solutions:

  • Organic gypsum
  • Natural soil fertilizer
  • Soil conditioning gypsum
  • Increasing crop yields

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Aurora Soil Structure


To ensure that the vital nutrients reach the roots and the health of the soil structure Aurora farm is maintained, farmers use our gypsum. Our organic gypsum improves the soil structure of your Aurora field by aggregating soil particles into small clumps.

After treating the soil structure of your Aurora field with our agricultural gypsum, the soil will be able to hold more water and thus promote plant growth. If you are stressed over problems like soil compaction, crusting, and others, contact us to improve the soil structure Aurora farms with these products:

  • Natural soil amendment
  • Soil improvement gypsum
  • Soil growth products
  • Organic products

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