Wenatchee Salt in Soil


Excess amounts of salt in soil on your Wenatchee, WA farm are not good for plant health and crop growth! The level of Wenatchee salt in soil on your land should always be proportional to the other nutrients present.

That is why EcoGEM® sells and promotes the application of naturally mined gypsum on farmlands.

Our organic gypsum will help people like you remove the extra Wenatchee salt in soil on your land. If you wish to learn more about the merits of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum other than eliminating the Wenatchee salt in soil, then place a call to our staff without any hesitation.

Buy our gypsum for the following reasons:

  • Treat high salinity soil
  • Salty soil treatment
  • Fix salinity in agriculture
  • Reduce salinity in soil

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Wenatchee Clay in Soil


Are you fed up due to the crop deterioration caused by Wenatchee clay in soil on your farm? Do not worry, and contact us! We ship our gypsum all across the country and even worldwide to help farmers struggling because of large amounts of clay or salt in soil.

You can easily count on an experienced and well-reputed company like us to help you get rid of the Wenatchee clay in soil on your land.

As industry experts, we understand the exact problems associated with the presence of Wenatchee clay in soil. Clay in soil hinders the air and water infiltration property of soil. Our gypsum reverses the soil compaction that has occurred due to the Wenatchee clay in soil.

Purchase our product for the following reasons:

  • Clay soil treatment
  • Clay soil amendment
  • Soil amendments for clay soil
  • Improving clay soil

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Wenatchee Drought Issues in Soil


Resolving Wenatchee drought issues in soil is one of the main applications of agriculture-grade gypsum. Get a bulk order of our gypsum shipped to your farm if you want to end the irrigation problems and Wenatchee drought issues in soil.

After using our product on your land, you can limit the excessive water usage caused due to Wenatchee drought issues in soil. Our gypsum is a benefit to farmers suffering because of limited water access and Wenatchee drought issues in soil on their farms.

Our product will help fight the following issues:

  • Soil moisture deficiency
  • Degraded groundwater quality
  • Reduced soil moisture
  • Farm water reduction

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