Phoenix Soil Health


The relationship between the soil health and the health of the plants that grow within it is inseparable. For optimal soil health Phoenix, AZ, plants should have the ability to move their roots through soil and find the essential nutrients. This is dependent on the texture, structure, and nutrient content of the soil. To ensure optimal soil health in Phoenix, you need to focus on the biology in the soil to create movement of space and organic matter for ease of root exploration. We suggest you focus on helping the process of decomposition and excretion of dead organic matter for good soil health Phoenix.

For getting the right supplements to aid soil health Phoenix, EcoGEM® is one of the best in the industry. We provide inputs on the following:

  • Soil quality and health
  • Improving soil health
  • Soil health testing
  • Soil quality

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Phoenix Agricultural Gypsum


Aggregation is needed to give favorable soil structure for root growth and air and water movement. Agricultural gypsum Phoenix has been used for many years to improve aggregation and inhibit or overcome dispersion in soils.

In soils having unfavorable calcium-magnesium ratios, our agricultural gypsum Phoenix can create a more favorable ratio. With our agricultural gypsum Phoenix gypsum, you can improve the ability of soil to drain and not become waterlogged due to a combination of high sodium, swelling clay, and excess water.

For favorable soil structure and growth, rely on our agricultural gypsum Phoenix. We are confident that you will recommend us to those looking for these solutions:

  • Bulk gypsum
  • Gypsum agriculture grade
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Phoenix Soil Remediation


Whether you want to continue productive farming or whether you are looking to improve your crop yields, soil remediation Phoenix is a necessary part of your plan. Soil remediation Phoenix is required for the simple reason that dealing with any contaminated land will present major problems for you.

Water can be found underground, and there is always a chance it contains some level of contamination from pollutants, necessitating soil remediation Phoenix. Causes for the need for soil remediation Phoenix may include leaking landfills, industrial spills, chemicals used in construction, plant operation, or runoff from local farms.

For thorough soil remediation Phoenix done professionally and to make the land safe, we are one of your best bets. We offer solutions for these issues:

  • Land remediation
  • Contaminated land remediation
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Soil and groundwater remediation

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