Oakland Sustainable Agriculture


More and more farmers are practicing sustainable agriculture in the Oakland, CA area to improve profits and feed a growing population. At EcoGEM®, we support farmers and crop growers by providing sustainable agriculture solutions in Oakland and its nearby areas.

We are proud to offer pure, organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum amendment. It is proven to provide great benefits to farmers practicing sustainable agriculture in Oakland.

Our gypsum soil amendment helps farmers and growers produce healthier soil and healthier plants thus achieving their sustainable agriculture objectives in Oakland.

Let us help you with:

  • Sustainable agriculture practices
  • Organic farming practices
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Environmentally friendly farming

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Oakland Sustainable Farming


Thriving sustainable farming in Oakland is established on the basis of healthy soil. And gypsum does exactly that. It improves the physical and chemical properties of soil. The great thing is that gypsum is affordable and easily available.

If you are practicing sustainable farming in Oakland and require pure, natural gypsum, we can help. Our high quality soil amendment gypsum is a suitable amendment for sustainable farming in Oakland.

Our soil amendment gypsum is great for:

  • Self sufficient farming
  • Eco friendly farming
  • Environmental agriculture
  • Low input sustainable agriculture

If you have any questions regarding the use of gypsum in sustainable farming in Oakland, our excellent team of soil agronomists is ready to answer them for you. Feel free to get in touch to learn how our gypsum soil amendments can assist you with your sustainable farming practices in Oakland.

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Oakland Self Sufficient Farms


Self sufficient farms in the Oakland area are increasingly becoming popular. Self sufficient farms are the way forward. An excellent time for self sufficient farms in Oakland is now, especially when there are issues present, such as climate change, loss of agricultural land, and economic uncertainty.

But is your land productive enough to be a self sufficient farm in Oakland? If not, we can help. We have pure, organic gypsum products that restore soil structure rendering the land more productive.

Our gypsum soil amendment is ideal for:

  • Self-sustaining backyard farm
  • Subsistence farming
  • Old farm renovation
  • Small-scale farms

Whether you are an organic or a backyard farmer, gypsum can be a game changer for self sufficient farms in Oakland.

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