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It is often said that if the soil structure is not right, nothing is right. The structure of the soil gets compromised when it becomes contaminated because of multiple factors like industrial waste or excessive use of synthetic fertilizers. Gypsum is one of the earliest forms of fertilizer, conditioner and soil amendment mineral that helps the farmer.

When the contaminated soil at your property is deprived of agricultural gypsum supply, then the plant can be affected by negative soil conditions such as:

  • Soil compaction
  • Water and air deprivation
  • Excessive element saturation

EcoGEM is one of the leading providers of high-quality and organic agricultural gypsum in the San Diego, CA, area. Now you do not have to rely on the poor-quality soil amendment solutions in the market anymore. When you want the best agricultural gypsum soil amendment solutions in San Diego, get in touch with our experts today.

San Diego Gypsum Soil


Are you wondering why many farmers across the country trust our soil remediation solutions? It is because we supply organic and pure agricultural grade gypsum soil amendment that provides plants with calcium and sulfur which are extremely beneficial for crops.

When you are seeking to create better results for your crops, our agricultural gypsum soil products are the best way to optimize all aspects of crop production and soil treatment. Some of the key benefits of using our organic products include:

  • Increases the yield
  • Aids plants in absorbing more nutrients
  • Restricts water runoff and dust erosion
  • Improves water efficiency

Let us help you in properly restoring the soil structure of the land so you can benefit effectively in the long run. Call us today for the best gypsum soil amendment products in the San Diego area.

San Diego Gypsum Supply


If you are in search of bulk gypsum supply in the San Diego area, then look no further than us. We have been committed to the global crisis of soil pollution and have been working dedicatedly to provide the best gypsum soil amendment products.

No matter the size of the land area you own, we offer a small or a bulk gypsum supply to help you with soil restoration. Having us by your side ensures that you get:

  • High-grade organic soil amendment products
  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent customer service

Our highly competent logistics team ensures you get agricultural grade gypsum supply wherever you are local, nationally, or internationally.

Call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 for bulk gypsum supply in San Diego or nearby areas.

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