Minneapolis Salt in Soil


Are you looking for an effective solution to the adverse effect on plants from excessive salt in soil in your Minneapolis, MN Farm? EcoGEM® can help. Too much salt and disproportionate clay in soil are serious environmental issues that no cultivator can afford to ignore.

A high concentration of Minneapolis salt in soil is bad for virtually every aspect of plant development, germination, growth and reproductive development.

Our company supplies high-quality organic gypsum to address the problem of extreme Minneapolis salt in soil, which is increasing rapidly. Your farm could have Minneapolis salt in soil for reasons like irrigation with saline water, low precipitation, weathering of rocks and more.

No matter why you need it, contact us for the following:

  • Salty soil treatment
  • Fix salinity in agriculture
  • Treat high salinity soil
  • Reduce salinity in soil
  • Treatment of saline soil

Does your land have too much Minneapolis salt in soil? Get in touch with EcoGEM® to order gypsum soil amendment!

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Minneapolis Clay in Soil


Excessive Minneapolis clay in soil is another problem treated with regular gypsum application. The biggest problem from extreme Minneapolis clay in soil is water logging, which slows down plant growth and causes the rotting of roots.

Too much Minneapolis clay in soil makes it heavy to dig as well as slow to warm up during spring. Applying our gypsum helps modify the structure and composition of soil to make it less compact and more permeable.

It reduces the Minneapolis clay in soil to allow better water infiltration and drainage.

So, place an order for our:

  • Clay soil amendment
  • Improving clay soil
  • Clay soil treatment
  • Soil amendments for clay soil

Contact EcoGEM® if you want an effective solution to offset the impact of Minneapolis clay in soil!

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Minneapolis Drought Issues in Soil


Are you struggling with Minneapolis drought issues in soil? Order bulk supply of our gypsum! Along with resolving problems from disproportionate clay or salt in soil, gypsum application also addresses Minneapolis drought issues in soil.

Your crops can wither and die because of Minneapolis drought issues in soil. The addition of gypsum increases farm moisture retention to offset the key Minneapolis drought issues in soil, that of water scarcity and irrigation water restrictions.

Do call us if you have:

  • Degraded groundwater quality
  • Reduced soil moisture
  • Soil moisture deficiency
  • Farm water reduction
  • Drought stress in agriculture

Is your farm productivity adversely affected by Minneapolis drought issues in soil? EcoGEM® can help!

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