Fort Collins Gypsum and Water


EcoGEM® is a recognized company for providing gypsum and water retention products for farming and gardening in Fort Collins, CO. Soil is losing its natural potential and farming strength due to climate change, poor water retention and various other aspects.

When you want to promote your crop production, you can rely on our Fort Collins gypsum and water retention products.

In order to amend your farming or lawn soil, you can consider using our Fort Collins gypsum and water retention products. Our Fort Collins gypsum and water retention products help hold nutrients in the soil and improve soil structure.

Check our store to explore our gypsum product range and get the best that meets your requirement. Count on us for:

  • Soil conditioner for sale
  • Clay soil water retention
  • Water retention plants
  • Garden soil conditioner
  • Retentive soil
  • Water retaining plants

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Fort Collins Water Savings


The availability of water in the soil directly promotes crop yield and health as well. If you ever find that your lawn or agricultural soil does not have nutrients and has poor water retention properties, you can choose our soil conditioners for Fort Collins water savings.

We introduce our effective gypsum products that are perfect for Ft collins water savings. Whether you are practicing farming in a drought or normal region, our gypsum for Fort Collins water savings can be the best choice.

We recommend you apply our soil amender for Fort Collins water savings and be worry-free. Speak to our experts for:

  • Clay water retention
  • Sandy soil water retention
  • Bulk soil conditioner
  • Turf conditioner
  • Natural soil conditioner
  • Water retention of sand

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Fort Collins Soil Moisture


Practicing farming in drought areas is challenging. The drought soil has poor efficiency in retaining water, nutrients and growing plants. If you ever need the soil conditioner for enhancing Fort Collins soil moisture retaining capacity, then we present 100% organic gypsum products.

Our gypsum is a perfect blend of essential nutrients that helps increase your soil efficiency and crop yield.

We recommend you use our gypsum for enhancing Fort Collins soil moisture and make your farming or gardening soil full of nutrients and water retaining for excellent farming


Consult with our experts to learn more about the significance of Fort Collins soil moisture. Along with Fort Collins soil moisture capacity improvement, we have more products for:

  • Types of soil conditioners
  • Increase water retention in soil
  • Soil conditioner for grass
  • Soil conditioner for vegetable garden
  • Soil conditioner for trees
  • Eater retention for soil

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