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Though the soil enhancement and fertilizer value of gypsum has been known since the last half of the 18th century, the mineral became an important farming asset very long after that. There is hardly any knowledgeable agriculturist today who does not use gypsum soil amendment in Los Angeles, CA and beyond to create healthier, more productive soil.

At EcoGEM, we offer a high-quality gypsum supply to help crop growers and turf managers improve soil structure and fertility of their land. The primary function of our agricultural gypsum soil amendment product is to add the essential nutrients of calcium and sulfur to the soil without raising its pH. It also restores soil health by:

  • Removing toxins and salt
  • Blocking phosphorous and nitrogen runoff
  • Promoting water permeability and aeration
  • Decreasing crusting

Want to know more about the beneficial role of calcium sulfate dihydrate in agriculture? Call now to talk to our experts.

Los Angeles Gypsum Soil


We are a company founded with a mission to resolve the biggest challenges of soil degradation and water stress threatening the agricultural industry all over the world to return arable land to production.

In pursuance with this objective, we make sure to provide superior gypsum soil amendments in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Those who contact us for gypsum supply can be sure of receiving a proven product that is:

  • Engineered under the guidance of expert agronomists
  • OMRI listed
  • Offered in soluble, easily spreadable form
  • Readily available in local, national and international markets

Unlike the many synthetic materials or low-grade calcium sulfate anhydrite products on the market, our organic gypsum soil amendment is beneficial for soil, crops and plants.

Los Angeles Gypsum Supply


Make us your first and only source for agricultural grade gypsum supply in the Los Angeles area. You will be glad you did so!

You can depend on us not only for organic, highly effective soil amendments but also for a hassle-free experience of procuring the product. Our company is here to sustain for the long-term and strives to forge long-lasting customer relationships. That is why we:

  • Have invested in excellent logistics capabilities
  • Offer bulk gypsum supply at competitive prices
  • Extend world-class customer service

Choosing us for gypsum supply in the Los Angeles area is an assurance of a stress-free, efficient, safe, and affordable solution to your soil contamination or deterioration problem.

EcoGEM is the name to rely on for organic gypsum soil amendments in the Los Angeles area. Call (303) 500-6944.

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