Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden

The joy of sitting in your lawn chair with a nice cold glass of tea, just taking it all in – the garden, the freshly cut grass all in a straight line, the flower bed to your right, the giant oak tree to your left. Heaven could be like this.

We all search for that perfect lawn. We work for it. We show it off. We live in it, play in it, relax in it.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer, a natural mineral
certified for organic use by OMRI can help
you build that perfect lawn! Here’s how……..
  • Improve the ability of your soil to increase its oxygen and water holding capacity in your lawn and garden.
    • EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer loosens compacted soils by flocculating (separating clumps and binding them together as loose and porous aggregates) clay particles which creates microscopic channels in the soil that improves water uptake as well as the root systems ability to uptake oxygen and moisture and nutrients, thus stimulating grass to be greener or and plants to be more beautiful.
  • Keep your lawn and garden green all summer long!
    • EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer helps increase the rate of water infiltration into the soil by 3-5 times and holds the water for your lawn… more water gets to the root zone. This means you can reduce water usage up to 30%, possibly saving on your water bill, on treated areas in your garden or lawn. This is especially helpful in those areas of the country that restrict water usage during hot summer months!
  • Improve the fertility of your soil and provide for healthier, fuller and more beautiful plants.
    • Delivers as much as 22% calcium and 18% sulfur for root uptake…both minerals are essential for healthy soil structure and in maintaining proper cell division and elongation, cell wall development, proper enzyme activity and balanced starch metabolism for your plants. This makes your grass and plants healthier and looking great!
  • Reduce the cost and amount of your fertilizer and still reap the benefits of what you use.
    • EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer improves the root uptake of macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) -improving plant health, plant nutrition, and providing cost savings because you will need less fertilizer to get the same results.
  • Some soils are high in sodium or irrigation water is salty, making it difficult to grow healthy, beautiful and plush gardens and lawns.
    • EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer detoxifies soils with high salt content by displacing harmful sodium with calcium and allowing the sodium to leach deeper in the soil. Soil Enhancer will create a more porous soil which loosens up compacted soil, reduces water ponding, and enables plants to grow to their fullest potential.


"EcoGEM's Soil Enhancer has made a huge difference in my lawn! We have clay soil in Colorado and the soil enhancer has made my yard much greener and lusher after one application! I gave it another treatment in the fall and I'm anxious to see the even better results this spring. I highly recommend this product."
Laurie M.

Before EcoGEM's Soil Enhancer

After using EcoGEM's Soil Enhancer


All Organically, naturally with EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer!



"We love this product, EcoGEM's Soil Enhancer! It works great and our lawn is very healthy and green. We're thrilled with our summer grass!”
Richard & Tricia Oaks, Castle Rock, CO

Lawn and Garden


If you are looking to enhance the soil of your lawn and garden, your search ends with EcoGEM. Organic gypsum has been used for hundreds of years for crops and plants. Our Agronomists can review your soil analysis and recommend the right application rates for your lawn and garden.

Our Organic gypsum is sourced locally and responsibly. Our lawn and garden products are consistent. We work hard to ensure that when you use our lawn and garden products to enhance your soil, you will see the positive results. We also work to ensure a positive experience with our lawn and garden customer service support team. We look forward to being a help to you and answering any questions and concerns you have regarding our lawn and garden products.

Some of the lawn and garden products that we offer include:

  • Soil Enhancer
  • Organic gypsum
  • Lawn and garden products
  • Turf management

Call EcoGEM when it comes to your needs for your lawn and garden. We have the right product to beautify your lawn and garden.

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Soil Enhancer


Our Soil Enhancer is meant to help depleted soils. You can improve the ability of your soil with Soil Enhancer. Soil Enhancer can increase oxygen and the holding capacity of water in your lawn and garden. Our Soil Enhancer can loosen the compacted soil by separating clumps and binding them together as loose and porous aggregates. These clay particles create microscopic channels in the soil that improve the water uptake, as well as the ability of the root system to uptake oxygen, moisture and nutrients. Adding Soil Enhancer stimulates the grass to be greener and plants in general to be more beautiful.

You can keep your lawn and garden green all summer long with our Soil Enhancer. If you are looking to reduce water usage by up to 30%, our Soil Enhancer will do the job. Soil Enhancer can help increase the rate of water infiltration into the soil by three to five times. Soil Enhancer also holds the water for your lawn and garden.

There are a myriad of benefits when it comes to Soil Enhancer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Soil Enhancer increases oxygen
  • Soil Enhancer increases water holding capacity
  • Soil Enhancer loosens soil
  • Soil Enhancer detoxifies soil

If you would like to learn more about Soil Enhancer, get in touch with EcoGEM today.

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Organic Gypsum


Did you know that there are synthetic gypsum products available that are produced from byproducts of coal fired power plants? These synthetic gypsum products cannot be labeled as organic gypsum. They also sometimes have traces of other materials imbedded in them that can be harmful to your soil and plants in your lawn and garden. Our organic gypsum is quality gypsum and always natural.

The highest quality of organic gypsum for your lawn and garden is natural and has beneficial trace minerals and high purity levels. We have one of the highest quality products in the country when it comes to organic gypsum for your lawn and garden.

One of the many services that we provide to our organic gypsum customers is a personalized and complimentary report that identifies:

  • Purity level of organic gypsum needed
  • Application rate for organic gypsum
  • Identify whether organic gypsum is needed
  • Third-party analysis of our product

For your questions regarding organic gypsum, get in touch with EcoGEM.

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