Reduce Water Ponding With This Natural Product

If you have a yard with any dips in it, you likely know the struggle of water pooling on your grass. You might think this is not a big deal; it’s just a puddle after all. But ponds in your grass can cause many adverse effects.

Watering your lawn is an important part of keeping it lush and green. However, if water is pooling on your grass, it can cause your lawn to drown. While sprinkling your yard is beneficial, stagnant water is harmful to most plants, causing them to rot and drown in puddles.

If the pool is near your house, it can also cause foundational damage. The stagnant water on your lawn can seep through the soil and under your house, causing a weakening in your home’s foundation.

Stagnant water is also breeding ground for unwanted insects, like mosquitoes. Many insects like mosquitos lay their eggs next to bodies of water, however small. Pools of water in your front yard practically wield a welcome sign to such insects, which no one wants.

If all this information has you panicking about the water pooling in your lawn, don’t worry. EcoGem Soil Enhancer can help with many different yard problems, including water ponding. And you only have to apply it to your yard twice a year. It is an organic and all natural product, safe for families with children and pets, that saves water and reduces water pooling.

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