All Plants Need Calcium to Thrive

There are 16 nutrients that every plant needs to survive. One of those is calcium. Calcium is needed to ensure that your plants grow properly without withering too fast. It provides numerous benefits to a plant’s health, including strengthening cell walls, maintaining pH levels, and increasing disease resistance.

You can often tell if your plant is deficient in calcium by examining it. If your plant is stunted in its growth or growing abnormally, either all together or even in individual leaves, it may need more calcium. Leaves may also begin showing signs of chlorosis, though this can also be a result of deficiencies in other nutrients.

It is important to know what kind of calcium you are getting for your plants. Not all calcium is in the correct form for plants to absorb. Humans can ingest chicken, but only when it is cooked. Similarly, plants cannot absorb insoluble calcium, like limestone.

If your plants are in need of more calcium, it is important to get the right kind. EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer has both gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) and anhydrate (Calcium Sulfate) in its mixture, both of which are soluble and easily absorbable by plants. Our all organic soil enhancer provides enough calcium and other nutrients needed for your plants to keep them growing green and healthy. 

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