Lawns and Gardens Thrive with Gypsum

A stunning lawn and garden can be a challenge to maintain, but worth the myriad benefits.

With many areas of the US expected to experience record drought conditions in 2021, municipalities are likely to be rationing or restricting watering of lawns. Increasing your lawn and garden’s water retention ability is in your best interest and could save your landscaping in the hot summer months. Less watering also equates to less expense and less waste.

EcoGEM®’s Soil Enhancer applied to lawns and gardens provides excellent results and drastically increases water retention. Some of its many other benefits include improved soil structure, increased nutrients to the soil, and reduction of soil compaction. Our gypsum is also a wide-ranging product that can be used for your lawns, shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens. No more trying different products for different parts of your landscape! Taking care of the green above the ground means taking care of the brown (soil) below the ground.

While at first glance, a green lawn may seem wasteful, a typical American lawn expanse is not just a luxury, but holds many practical benefits. Healthy lawns have these benefits and more:

  • Reduces noise
  • Cools air surrounding your home
  • Improves curb appeal and community pride
  • Prevents erosion by water and air
  • Provides oxygen
  • Improves flood control
  • Stabilizes slopes
  • Provides wildlife habitat
  • Provides organic matter to soil over time
  • Looks great
  • Provides a wonderful play area for children and pets

So to increase these benefits, creating a healthier growing environment for your lawn and garden should be forefront in your mind. We are all busy, so preferably, one product that has wide-ranging capabilities would be the best choice for your landscaping needs. We have the missing ingredient in your home and garden product list!

EcoGEM®’s Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, or gypsum, is an Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) listed amendment. This natural conditioner is safe to use, won’t burn your plants even with over-application, and will not harm children or pets. Our agronomists and website can assist you with proper timing and amounts of application for best results. Extensive details on our product are available here, including usage for lawns, shrubs, vegetable gardens, and more. It is simple to use as you just sprinkle it over the required area and water thoroughly. The gypsum does the rest.

Use of our Soil Enhancer makes far more than a token improvement in your soil’s water infiltration capability. Our gypsum can increase water uptake and containment by 3-5 times. This way more water gets where it is needed—in the root zone for healthy root development. We can help you reduce water usage up to 30%, and those lusher lawns can lead to cooler home interiors as well.

According to the University of Minnesota Extension Office, a lawn can provide reduction of 7 to 14 degrees to curb air conditioning costs. “One estimate suggests that planting lawns and other landscape plants could reduce total U.S. air conditioning energy requirements by 25 percent.”*

A more natural, healthy lawn and garden using organic gypsum can also decrease a homeowner’s need to use toxic chemicals that have a tendency to run off into the water supply. Gypsum can help you go green while not sacrificing the visual appeal of your landscape.

Our gypsum is available in our online store from 10 pounds to bulk supply, all delivered to your door. To learn more about the importance of lawn and garden care and how natural gypsum can play a role in a lush, healthy environment surrounding your home, contact EcoGEM® today at (303) 500-6944 or read more on our website.