Home Gardening Benefits from Using High Quality Gypsum

This past Covid-19 pandemic year has dramatically changed the home gardening landscape.

In the early days of 2020 with widespread closures and uncertainty, supply chains for certain household and food items broke down. Some products were suddenly unavailable, and this reminded us all just how dependent we are on our agricultural and transportation infrastructures to feed and supply us.

At EcoGEM®, we view obstacles as opportunities. During World War II, the government urged families across the United States to plant “Victory gardens” to help provide some of their own food needs, and to divert more supplies to the troops and for humanitarian aid. Thousands of these gardens helped feed America during the war. Perhaps it is time for us to “get back to the roots,” and do some of the same!

In the past year with supply chain issues and increased food insecurity, home gardening supply purchasing has seen a huge uptick in growth. The United States Department of Agriculture is reporting hearing of record seed, gardening, and garden catalog sales in 2020. A national crisis often results in an uptick in home gardening, according to the USDA.

Everyone can grow some of their own food, whether tomatoes or herbs in pots, raised garden beds, or in full-scale homesteading operations. Whether you are a “window sill gardener” or a larger-scale home grower, EcoGEM®’s 3 in 1 Soil Enhancer can be highly beneficial. Community garden or food bank gardens will also benefit from the increased quality and quantity of produce after using our Soil Enhancer.

While growing our own food, we also want to grow smart. With increased public awareness in recent years, toxic chemicals are out for gardening and natural organics are in. Water use is also a critical concern in many areas of the US, with concerns of widespread drought forecast by the Weather Service for summer 2021.* EcoGEM®’s Soil Enhancer helps increase the rate of water infiltration into the soil by 3-5 times so more water gets to the root zone. This means you can reduce water usage up to 30% on treated areas.

The primary ingredient in our 3 in 1 Soil Enhancer is Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, also known as gypsum, which has many benefits for your home garden:

  • Adds nutrients to the soil– delivering much needed calcium and sulfur for root uptake
  • Breaks up clay or packed soils
  • Builds root structure and improves soil
  • Pet and child friendly
  • Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI)-listed product
  • Helps water retention
  • Easily spreadable
  • Will not burn plants if over-applied

By using natural gypsum along with organic fertilizer, you will minimize, if not eliminate, fertilizer runoff or toxic chemicals to the water supply. You will also be producing some of your own food in these interesting times while learning a fun and valuable skill, and you can be confident that your children and pets will be safe from the gypsum you add to your gardening beds.

Quantities of our Soil Enhancer from an economical 10 pound bag up to bulk quantities are delivered right to your door with free shipping. Complete instructions on application amounts and frequencies are included with the bag, complete with the benefits you can expect from our product, and we also have agronomists to help with application advice.

We want to provide green options for your green thumb efforts for a win-win for everyone. Contact EcoGEM® at (303) 500-6944 or order our Soil Enhancer online.