Organic Soil Enhancer

EcoGEM’S ORGANIC Soil Enhancer can help your situation!

Our product reduces puddling, ponding, and wet spots because it flocculates the soil – binds the clay into loosely aggregated pods, which improves water infiltration and water retainage in the pods. This captures the water, minimizing the puddling and allowing you access to fields much quicker in wet conditions.

Just as importantly, this helps prevent water, nitrogen, and phosphorous runoff while helping to minimize erosion. An excellent solution for no-till farming where these problems of runoff, erosion, and crusting are common.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing EcoGEM®’s Soil Enhancer (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) you’ll want to know this.

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Ordering online is quick and easy. Whether you need to improve the health of your crops, lawn, or shrubs, EcoGEM® will not disappoint you. Our product is 100% organic certified and is safe for both pets and children.

Heal the Soil – Feed the Earth.

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