No Till Farming

With a rapid rise in population and decrease in agricultural land at a rate of 30 million acres annually, we have made it our mission to return global arable land back to production.

By restoring the earth with the adoption of no-till practices and building organic matter, we are addressing the enormous challenges of agricultural land loss and water stress.

We offer a gypsum amendment and crops nutrient as enrichment to achieve optimal soils structure. With the adoption of our products used in conjunction with no-tillage farming practices, earth can regain its structure:

  • With minimal disturbance
  • To avoid infertility
  • To dramatically improve plant growth
  • To reduce evaporation of moisture by absorbing more water
  • By providing essential calcium enrichment

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Zero Tillage

Zero tillage is a system whereby the earth is left undisturbed between harvesting one crop and planting the next to enhance quality.

In adopting these practices in conjunction with the use of our pure, organic calcium sulfate dihydrate (or gypsum) amendment, you can provide tremendous benefits to dirt, plants and food.

These are a few important benefits to this practice and the use of our gypsum amendment:

  • Provides better environment and crop yields
  • Helps stabilize aggregates and boosts soil structure
  • Mitigates erosion
  • Increases amount of water infiltration
  • Natural solution for soils high in sodium and magnesium

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No Till Farming

According to the Agricultural Research Services of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, no till farming soils are significantly more stable than plowed soils.

We are helping farmers worldwide the adoption of our gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) amendment and crop nutrients to:

  • Block phosphorous and nitrogen runoff
  • Improve structure by intensifying growth of soil organisms
  • Reduce compaction to allow deeper root penetration
  • Reduce salt and toxins that limit crop yields and health

No till farming combined with EcoGEM products provides excellent protection from erosion and also helps retain moisture for the new crop.

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