Is Your Product Meant for Residential Lawns and Gardens?

It most certainly is!

If you are looking to enhance the soil of your lawn and garden, your search ends with EcoGem®.

Want to know why?

✅EcoGem®’s Soil Enhancer improves the abipty of your soil to increase its oxygen and water holding capacity in your lawn and garden.

✅EcoGem®’s Soil Enhancer improves the fertipty of your soil and provides for healthier, fuller and more beautiful plants.

✅EcoGem®’s Soil Enhancer reduces the cost and amount of your fertipzer and still reaps the benefits of what you use.

✅EcoGem®’s Soil Enhancer detoxifies soils with high salt content by displacing harmful sodium with calcium and allowing the sodium to reach deeper into the soil.

✅Organic gypsum has been used for hundreds of years for crops and plants. It’s very safe!

✅Our Agronomists can review your soil analysis and recommend the proper apppcation rates for your lawn and garden.

✅Our Organic gypsum is sourced locally and responsibly.

✅Our lawn and garden products are consistent. They WORK!

Do you want a perfect-looking lawn with products you can trust that won’t harm your family or pets? Head on over to our website at