Ensure your Snow Melt Gets to the Root Zone by Applying Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate Prior to Snow Fall

Most people do not give much thought to the seasonal thawing of snow, generally referred to as snowmelt, that comes from mountains and elevated lands. The runoff water from the snowmelt penetrates the ground – a process commonly known as infiltration. However, infiltration is an important concept in the agricultural world as it is crucial to know how much snowmelt water penetrates in the fields and how deep it goes. For agricultural crops, this water helps in irrigation, and the excess water seeps deep down the earth and becomes groundwater. The importance of this groundwater can be determined by the fact that half of the Americans get their drinking water from this groundwater.

In the United States, this seasonal thawing can be witnessed in the northeastern, western, and upper Midwest regions where the snow melts from April until July. Just like rainwater, snowmelt is an important aspect of water cycle and is crucial for recharging the groundwater and supplying fresh water to plants, animals and humans.

Now the question is, how can we ensure that our crops get maximum benefits from this water? How can the snowmelt effortlessly reach the root zone and the excess water be naturally drained off? The last thing we want for our agricultural land is to have the top layer of the clay swollen due to excessive water or the soil becoming waterlogged. The solution is rather simple. Apply Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate to your soil before the snow fall and witness the difference it makes. I would recommend using the EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer that has organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate as it provides the following benefits:

  • The EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer improves water infiltration rate (by 3 to 5 times over non-treated soils) as well as the hydraulic conductivity of the soil. It helps the soil in draining excessive water – the unwanted water that could supersaturate the soil, cause clay swelling, and increase sodium levels.
  • EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer maximizes the effectiveness of the fertilizer by helping the fertilizer penetrate the surface and reach the root zone of the crops. It also reduces the water runoff that takes fertilizers as well as pesticides to waterways.
  • The Soil Enhancer reduces the crusting and cracking of soil. The Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate converts the excess sodium into calcium. As a result, the clay does not swell and clog soil space which in turn allows water, air, and roots to move easily through the soil.
  • It conserves irrigation water and improves the structure and health of the soil. You can see a difference in the soil productivity after using the EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer.
  • The EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer is an excellent source of natural Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate that is highly soluble and provides the required calcium, sulfur as well as important macronutrients to your crops.

So, the bottom line is, prior to snowfall, give your soil the much-needed Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, or in other words, EcoGEM®’s Soil Enhancer to ensure that your snowmelt reaches the root zone. The EcoGEM®’s Soil Enhancer is your 3 in 1 soil management system that focuses on 3 important aspects – soil health, water, and carbon capture. You can get your EcoGEM®’s Soil Enhancer delivered at your doorstep today. For our free delivery, visit our website or call us at (303) 500-6944.