Address Soil Drainage Issues

We’re here to offer you an impeccable solution to address soil drainage issues and maximize water efficiency for your landscape, all through the magic of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate. Let’s dive inl

Improved Soil Structure: Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate is an extraordinary soil amendment that significantly improves soil structure. It helps flocculate the soil, grouping clay particles into loosely aggregated clumps. This modification fosters a more porous soil structure, promoting water infiltration and reducing instances of puddling, ponding, and wet spots.

Increased Water Infiltration: By enabling improved soil structure, Calcium Sulfate Dihidrate allows water to penetrate the soil more effortlessly. This helps prevent surface runoff and ensures that water reaches the roots of plants, where it’s most needed. The boosted water infiltration minimizes water loss due to evaporation, ensuring plants have better access to essential moisture.

Enhanced Water Retention: Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate’s capability to bind clay particles into aggregated clumps enhances both water infiltration and water retention within the soil. These dumps serve as reservoirs, allowing the soil to maintain moisture for extended periods. This reduces the frequency of watering required and bolsters overall water management.

Eager to unlock your soil’s full drainage capabilities? Feel free to reach out and learn more about how Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate can help you mitigate issues like paddling, ponding, and wet spots. Visit our website today at or call us at (303) 500-6944!