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Farmers are tasked with feeding the world with a population 50% larger than today by 2050...
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...on less farmland than today...
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...while using less water and reducing runoff to
minimize polluting waters.
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Farmers are tasked with both reducing and
capturing carbon emissions.
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Farmers need solutions..... NOW!
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You too can create your own slice of heaven on earth.
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The course and the turf are living organisms.
Help them grow properly.
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The Agricultural Industry is at a crossroads. Farmers all the world over will be tasked with feeding a world population 50% greater than it is today, on less land, while being asked to be more sustainable in their farming practices – which often comes at a cost. They will be asked to use less water and fix the waterways that have been polluted with fertilizer runoff.

With reports that agriculture contributes almost 20% of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, farmers will be tasked with reducing those emissions.

Bankruptcies in the farming community are now at their highest level since the Great Depression. Although Farmers are not the bad guy in all of this, the finger will be pointed at them to fix things.

Farmers want to be good stewards of the land: to be responsible and sustainable. But they also need to manage and reduce costs. They don’t need talk, they need solutions…….


EcoGem can add value to correct for sustainability issues in agriculture

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer: A 3-in-1 Management System for Soil Health, Water and Carbon Capture

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While using Mother Nature’s Own Technology to heal herself!


Big Problems Require Big Solutions:
Nature’s Technology to Heal Herself

“What is good for the soil is good for the climate, and for business1.”

EcoGem’s Soil Enhancer, certified for organic use by OMRI can provide real solutions to many issues plaguing agriculture today. New research has led to new thinking about the benefits of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, the primary ingredient in this product, for agriculture. Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate is very good for the soil, which brings benefits to so much more. The time is right, the time is now!

These solutions include:

1Green Biz: “Carbon Capture Report”, pg. 12, August 2019


Soil Health Improvements:

It all begins with the soil. Yet, over the years, our soils have degraded and an increasing amount of agricultural land has been allocated
for other uses. We will have to better utilize our remaining soil to feed a population 50% larger than today – over 9 Billion people – by 2050.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer provides many solutions to improve our soil’s health.
  • Salt and other toxins;
  • Prevents crusting and compaction;
  • Enhances infiltration of water and fertilizers;
  • Aluminum and heavy metals below the root zone.
To learn more, see these tabs: Agriculture, Regenerative Agriculture, Lawn & Garden.
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As drought conditions around the world increase, water will become increasingly scarce.  We need solutions to decrease water usage while also preventing water runoff, and the fertilizers that runoff with the water, into nearby waterways and lakes. Some of which create toxic algae blooms.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer can create:

  • A better soil structure allowing the water to infiltrate deep into the root zone, bringing the fertilizer (if used) with it.  
    • This means you can use less irrigation water; 
    • If you get heavy rains, the rainwater will permeate the soil quick enough to help prevent water/phosphorous/nitrogen runoff.  
      • It is this runoff that contributes to the algae blooms in our waterways and lakes.

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Whether we agree that the climate is changing or not, we can all agree we should take better care of the planet on which we live. That means reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer does three
things to help capture carbon and
greenhouse gasses:

  • Improves the soil’s health and its organic matter activity to enable it to capture more carbon;
  • Improves the plant’s health
    to allow it to capture more carbon during its photosynthesis process;
  • Captures methane and nitrous oxide in animal farms when applied over manure.

By enhancing the capture of these
greenhouse gasses, the farmer may
be able to demonstrate increased
carbon capture and be eligible to be
paid via carbon credits.

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Enhanced Nutrition:

Who doesn’t want more nutritious food? It all starts with the soil and the nutrition that is uploaded into the plant.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer provides essential macronutrients to facilitate the upload of minerals into the plant from the soil.

  • The Calcium is needed to form proper cell structure in the plant;
  • The sulfur is a structural component of the plant’s proteins, peptides and other enzymes and is a catalyst in chlorophyll production;
  • EcoGEM Soil Enhancer has been shown to increase the upload of other nutrients as well.

By improving the health and structure of the plant, your crop’s nutrition level will increase while increasing yields and absorbing more carbon.

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Improved Crop Yield & ROI:

As a farmer, you want good soil, a great crop, and a return on your investment – profit.  Many soil amendments are a cost to the farmer.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer generates both optimal soil (microscopic channels that increase the infiltration of both water and fertilizer to the lower root level) and plant structure which improves crop growth.  This increases crop yields and improves your ROI:

  • 3.5 – 5x cost of product
  • Decreased water usage/cost
  • Decreased fertilizer required/cost
  • Provides the Potential to receive carbon capture payments

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Organic produce is a $50 billion retail business in the USA and approaches $70 billion worldwide.  It grew over 6% in 2018 and 2019.  It is what consumers want as they believe organic is healthier than non-organic.

EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer is certified for organic use by OMRI.  Although EcoGEM Soil Enhancer is not a fertilizer, we have seen results similar to using fertilizers on organic farms. The soil structure is improved and it becomes healthier and more sustainable. Soil that has not been treated for years responds rapidly to the Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate which:

  • reduces salinity,
  • prevents compaction and crusting,
  • improves water infiltration to the deep root levels,
  • works to improve the quality of the irrigation water.

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Lawn & Garden:

The joy of sitting in your lawn chair with a nice cold beverage, just taking it all in – the garden, the freshly cut grass all in a straight line, the flower bed to your right, the giant oak tree to your left.  Heaven could be like this.

By utilizing EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer, you can create this lawn.  Our solution helps you:

  • Creates a more plush and luxurious lawn as the product enhances the nutrient uptake of fertilizers and provides its own Calcium and Sulfur;
  • Increases water infiltration by creating micro channels into the soil allowing water to penetrate deeper into the root zone and conserve more water in the soil. This is especially helpful when water restrictions are in place.  Also, you can reduce your water usage by up to 30%.
  • Allows you, the homeowner, to help the environment itself. By creating better soil and a more luxurious lawn, you can capture more carbon in your soil.  You can help the planet!

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Turf Management:

A golf course or a stadium is a living breathing creation.... The beauty of which can draw a gasp or silent admiration of a job well done.


The benefits of EcoGEM’s Soil Enhancer products can help create and maintain that beauty.  Recognizing the turf is a living organism, we can help you be the artist you want to be with the turf/course as your canvas: and save dollars while doing so:

  • Less irrigation water required
  • Better water infiltration post rainfall, less ponding
  • Less fertilizer required for same results
  • Healthier soil = Healthier grass

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When the soil pH is right, but other factors are not, gypsum for soil products can help. EcoGEM works to providing a fast solution for maintaining soil pH levels and adding calcium and sulfur to your soil. When you use gypsum for soil products, you can improve the structure of your soil and so much more.

Whether you need gypsum for your agricultural needs or for your very own backyard, we have the gypsum for soil products to make all of the difference. You will find multiple benefits of using gypsum for soil and how it can help the structure of soil.

Gypsum has been applied to soil for hundreds of years. By adding gypsum for soil health, erosion is reduced due to the way gypsum has the ability to increase the ability for soil to soak up water after precipitation. Gypsum can modify soil without any actual significant change to the soil pH level. Some of the many things that gypsum can do for soil includes:

  • Gypsum increases water penetration
  • Gypsum loosens compacted clay soils
  • Gypsum promotes easier root penetration
  • Gypsum maintains soil pH

Get in touch with EcoGEM to learn more about why gypsum can make all the difference for soil.

(303) 500-6944

Gypsum for Soil

For crops to have good yield, they need calcium and sulfur. One of the best ways to give this for soil is by using gypsum for soil products. Gypsum for soil can better the absorption of water and it can reduce erosion. Gypsum for soil can also cut down phosphorus movement from soil. Gypsum for soil can also improve the quality of vegetables and fruit.

Gypsum for soil can displace the sodium found in soil. This displacement allows the clay particles in the soil to clump together into larger units, resulting in water readily draining.

You will find that:

  • Gypsum changes pH levels
  • Gypsum promotes better root development
  • Gypsum is moderately-soluble mineral
  • Gypsum reduces erosion

We would be happy to help you with any questions that you have about why using gypsum is the best option for improving your soil health. Get in touch with EcoGEM today.

(303) 500-6944

Agricultural Gypsum

If you work in the agriculture industry, you are quite aware how vital it is to have proper nutrients for your soil. When you have better nutrients in your soil, your crops will have a healthier and larger yield. Our agricultural gypsum products for soil will help you get the most out of your soil.

The best option and highest quality when it comes to agricultural gypsum is that which is a dihydrate. Agricultural gypsum has trace materials that are beneficial. Agricultural gypsum is a moderately-soluble mineral. The calcium in agricultural gypsum can move further down into soil than calcium from lime does. The results of this is promotion of deeper rooting of plants. By using agricultural gypsum for plants, the roots are more abundant and grow deeper into the soil. Even during drier periods of a growing season, the roots are able to take up more nutrients and water as a result of having agricultural gypsum.

Agricultural gypsum is a great source for sulfur. Agricultural gypsum is also a great source for calcium. Both are needed in order to help plants to absorb nutrients and to stimulate root growth. Using agricultural gypsum is an economical way to improve your soil health.

If you are considering using agricultural gypsum for your crops, know that:

  • Agricultural gypsum source of calcium
  • Agricultural gypsum source of sulfur
  • Agricultural gypsum treats aluminum toxicity
  • Agricultural gypsum improves acid soils

For your agricultural gypsum needs, get in touch with EcoGEM today.

(303) 500-6944

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