EcoGEM®, LLC, a Good Earth Minerals® company, provides high quality, OMRI listed selenite (also known as calcium sulfate or gypsum) for agricultural use. Learn about the benefits of selenite below, or contact us today to inquire about an order.


Selenite has been proven to greatly help decrease and prevent crusting on soil surfaces.

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Through improved aggregation it helps vital nutrients reach the roots where they are absorbed.

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The numerous uses of calcium sulfate have resulted in greater crop yields across the globe.

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EcoGEM® agricultural grade gypsum, known also as ‘selenite’ or the mineral calcium sulfate, is a safe, all natural OMRI listed fertilizer and soil amendment.  EcoGEM® can customize orders on particle size or pelletize for ease of spreadability or for application through irrigation (solution grade).

Consistent Quality…Every Time

With over 32 million tons of the highest quality calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4+2H2O) available in nature, EcoGEM® commits to deliver products of a consistent quality and quantity 100% of the time.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


As worldwide high-grade gypsum suppliers, EcoGEM® can ship products easily via rail, Interstate, and for international orders, EcoGEM®  has access to major international ports out of California and Texas.

History of Selenite, a.k.a ‘Gypsum’ as a Soil Amendment

Selenite is the mineral name for mined calcium sulfate, again commonly known as ‘gypsum’. The use of gypsum in agriculture dates back to the 1500’s in Europe, when plaster workers noticed that the grass where they shook their clothes out appeared healthier. Perhaps the most famous correlation of gypsum’s use in agriculture dates to the time of Benjamin Franklin, who applied it as a fertilizer on his farm. Over the centuries since Franklin’s time, farmers have continued to use it and benefit from it. In the last 10 to 15 years, gypsum’s popularity as both a soil amendment and fertilizer is becoming recognized by agronomists and farmers worldwide.

For more information on the benefits of selenite, please see our Soil Health page.

The Values of EcoGEM®

“Calcium sulfate is such an essential product that its routine and frequent use is actually necessary for the sustainability of all irrigated soils.”
~Dr. Brent Rouppet, Agronomist, Soil Scientist

EcoGEM® wants to improve the ability of farmers and growers to safely and effectively feed the ever-growing world population while improving their profits.  Growers across the globe need trustworthy, safe, and reliable sources for agricultural inputs to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and returns on investment. Through science and testimonials, there’s a growing body of evidence of the true benefits of applying calcium sulfate, both for soil health and for improving the grower’s bottom line.

EcoGEM® believes that calcium sulfate is a key component to a comprehensive nutrient and soil health management plan, along with other common and well-known practices such as crop rotation, mulching, no-till, cover crops, and pest management. Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of calcium sulfate as a soil amendment and crop nutrient through sharing our science and our testimonials from growers across the world.

Our approach will be to provide you, the grower and farmer, solutions that deliver better soils, crops, and yields. Trust, integrity and most importantly, our relationships, will guide our partnerships with distributers and growers across the globe.

Call us or email us today to inquire about our products or to talk to one of our agronomists. We will help cater solutions that fit your soil health and crop needs.